My first memory of my curiosity with light was this 1970's pole light - we were at a friend of my parents home and their child and I put together a "show" - I had focused the lights on the performing area and used the on/off switches on the back of the lights to bump through some looks. Of course at some point one of the bulbs blew out and like a true designer I walked away so that a technician could change out the bulb. 

I was very fortunate later in life in high school to stumble into a school with a large fully renovated theatre and a teacher excited to teach more than just acting. I did it all and was always drawn to lighting more than any of the other disciplines being taught to us.


I have since then continued to study, learn and most of all design as much as I can all the time. Started my career in theatre and now for the last 20 years working in corporate design - mostly for automotive exhibits and special events. 

Chris lives and works out of Los Angeles, CA